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 Maddie Lawson-Johnson-Black

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PostSubject: Maddie Lawson-Johnson-Black   Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:29 pm

Name Maddie
Last Name / Surname Lawson (before marriage)
Johnson (after marrying Emily's father)
Black (after marrying Henry Black)
Home Unknown
Birthday Unknown
Chapter introduced Prologue
Race Human
Full name Maddie
Alliance Unknown
Emblem Unknown

Before the story:
Very little about her past is known, other that she was married to a man whose last name was Johnson, that she had her daughter Emily at the age of 19 and that she is a wizard from Frogwings School of Magery.

From the Prologue to Chapter 10:
Maddie is first introduced as a young woman in a court case after her sister, Shaun's mother, and Shaun's father was murdered. She was mentioned in their will. Maddie got everything, and a man named Henry Black offered to help her out financially.

Three months later, she and Henry got married, but Henry's sister kidnapped Shaun. After she finds out that her daughter aided in the downfall of the gas mask maid gang, and that Henry's sister did it on purpose to stop his death, she scolded her.

Five years after the events of the wedding day, she lied to her godson/nephew and her daughter about how Shaun's parents died, with Henry Black having been murdered a few days before. It appears as though it was something she plotted, but not Henry's permanent death, as she asks why an Irovan had to do that, meaning that she knew something. Maddie is an English teacher at a school between Franskraal and Pearly Beach, South Africa, and also very strict, giving Shaun detentions whenever weird things happened around him.

After a week went by, she attempted to stop a goblin from killing Shaun, but she thought it was a human and that it was a robber. Later she knocked Shaun and his new friend, Kimberley, out with the Sleeping Gas Spell. After Shaun and Kimberley regained consciousness, initially she faked not knowing what had happened, but eventually she told the truth, before knocking Shaun and Kimberley out again.
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Maddie Lawson-Johnson-Black
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