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A site that was once home to a freeform RPG known as the Battle (casually taking place in Dragon Riders), but now kept for history's sake. Probably.
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 KarjamP's entry

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PostSubject: KarjamP's entry   Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:56 pm

Backstory: the god of the Karjamians, KarjamP sometimes visits other worlds for fun.
Since he can't usually bring his omnipotent body with him, he usually creates a body which he'd use while visiting other worlds.

In this case, he desided to use a body of a inhuman instead of the god body bestowed upon him in DRACONIA variant A.

Seeking fun, he decided to enter the tournament, using Karjamian technology to aid him in battle.

Name: Richard
Nickname: KarjamP
Surname: De Goede
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Inhuman
Alignment: Neutral

Friends: Karjamians, Purple Karjam
Familiar: Unknown
Disabilities: Asperger Syndrome (absent minded, concentration on only one thing at a time, limited social skills).

Known Skills: Unknown at the moment...

Abilities: Reality warping (Karjam's Domain arenas only; has very high cool down) [100MP], Summon Karjamian squad (low health only - summons a few friendly Karjamians to aid battle)[50MP], Hammerspace (can carry virtually unlimited items)[0MP]

Limit break: Plasma Gun: Power Blast; Explosive Plasma Gun: Power Blast; Missile launcher: Missile Massacre; Sword: Mach Tornado (summons a small deadly tornado), Affliction gun: Seizure affliction; elemental inflicter: Fifth Elemental strike (The Karjamians ARE aware what Aether, the real name of the fifth element, is, Kush and Heaven Light. Razz Thus, they found a way to harness it in technology {although it's very draining on it}. In case you're wondering, Karjamians are VERY advanced, to the point that most Karjamian scientists mainly study other worlds instead of their own), heal gun: overheal (heals so much that one could explode from so much energy).

Source spells: None (so far)

RPG Stats:

Comments on my version of my tournament self welcome.

In case you're wondering, I'd rather leave PK out of this fight. Razz


I'm "KarjamP", with a P, not "Karjam". Razz

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KarjamP's entry
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